February 29, 2012

Rave Reviews


More of the newspaper / magazine reports and reviews are coming out, in a very enthusiastic way....about Superhero Enterprises and the character Notes. Just in the month of February alone several new articles were featured praising the property as the comic book industry's next innovative superhero.

Read on....

1. Comic Book And Movie Reviews: SUPERHERO ENTERPRISES - Make Your Own Hero

2. Comic Bastards Interview: Davien Watkins (General Manager) and N.O.T.E.S.

3. A Girl And Her Hip Hop Interview: Q&A With Superhero Enterprises CEO Davien Watkins

With that kind of journalism we are remaining optimistic.





January 31, 2012



This month both Superhero Enterprises & Notes started the 2012 New Year in the headlines with some good press coverage. In case you missed it, Day 1, 2012 comic book historian Robert J. Sodaro highlighted and it's founder in his article: "A new breed of Superhero is in the house" by January 6 the story went on to become a feature article on

Fast forward to January 12th, the fresh perspective blog "A Girl And Her Hip Hop" introduces "Notes" in Rani O'Shea's Part 1 interview detailing her experiences, observations, and opinions of "The Origins Of Notes" comic book series.

In her version of YO! MTV Raps and BET's Rap City, she expresses her valuable judgement:

"With all the drama going on in the world its nice to know that the Hip-Hop Community has Notes to call on." read more at:

Part 2 of the interview with A Girl And Her Hip Hop and Superhero Enterprises Founder / General Manger, Davien "Supa Dave" Watkins takes place this February.





November 21, 2011

Superhero of the Month


Illustrators! On November 21, 2011 the website "Superhero of the Month", launched its OFFICIAL ART CONTEST featuring our flagship superhero "NOTES". Now, Superhero Enterprises is looking for a winner for Superhero Of The Month....a contest to illustrate (music's greatest superhero) "NOTES" in your own style. Visit: for the contest rules and prizes then send us your rendition's!





October 7, 2011

Positive "Pepperdine" Publicity


Generating positive publicity about Superhero Enterprises is simply a smart investment. The more attention we're able to capture from the social network, the better engaged digital book readers become in our characters stories.

Pepperdine University clearly realizes the ROI (return on investment) and has boosted the significance of our message through the power of publicity.

In a complimentary article the university features our Superhero Enterprises this week, in it's newly introduced online publication entitled LAUNCH! (see Pages 12-13).

To read more of the article visit:





July 16, 2011

What To Expect....


Coming soon to are the first official comic book pages / panels (spoilers) featuring our fictional superhero ♫Notes♫. Anticipation is high for a glimpse. Expect superhero, expect action, expect dark comedy, expect record business drama. Expect the unexpected comic book & creative franchise.





September 12, 2010

Superhero Enterprises & Long Beach Comic Con


We definitely believe, being closely associated with an industry related event or activity is beneficial. This is why Superhero Enterprises has launched a banner exchange campaign with the Long Beach Comic Con 2010.

Learn more by visiting their website here:





August 7, 2010 Spotlights "From a personal standpoint, it’s quite refreshing to see something that is truly new to the industry. Many times comic book companies talk about a new character or new vision, but honestly they usually fall flat because they are just old recycled ideas. That’s not the case with "Notes". Not by a long shot!" -Billy Dunleavy

To read more of the article visit:




August 1, 2010 Special Guest


Superhero Enterprises™ General Manager Davien 'Supa Dave' Watkins on LOVES TRUTH RADIO. Show airs Tuesday August 3, 2010 at 1:30 pm (PST). Special Guest: Davien "Supa Dave" Watkins. Pepperdine Graduate and now Founder / Owner of Superhero Enterprises, his history includes: 710 AM Radio Disney, Warner Bros., Priority Records, and more....A force to be reckon with! We will hear about his journey, new projects and ventures all while inspiring you on yours!

Listen on SoundCloud




February 21, 2010

The Deviant "Duplicate"


Superhero Enterprises has "Locked In" sweet new artwork of our character "Duplicate" (see deviantart gallery ) illustrated by American comic book artist and writer Todd Nauck.

In December of 2009 Todd Nauck collaborated with the ABC "Home Makeover" team to create a superhero-themed room. The episode aired February 2, 2010 on ABC.

About the illustrator: Todd Nauck crafted as a penciler in the comic book industry for 15 plus years drawing comics for Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse. His current work includes a number of projects most notably Amazing Spider-Man #583: The Spider-Man Obama (Team-Up).





April 03, 2009

Up, Up and Away is reporting an increased percent of global users who visit the site, now up 400% just within the last 3 months according to The company's page views have also dramatically increased within the same period, logging increases of 560%. Thanks to all the fans and supporters who are backing us up. We're feeling really good about the traffic rankings exploding with activity! The new information is keeping us busy, and providing valuable audience feedback that we need to bring quality artwork, well developed characters, and compelling storylines to you the viewers. The input allows us to positively impact the long-term reputation of the company.





September 17, 2008

It's gotta be the shoes


Question, what makes "Notes" the trendiest superhero in the universe? Is it the vicious beats? Is it the haircut? Is it the shoes? Do you know? Do you know? Do you know? Money it's gotta be the shoes.....well it worked for Mars Blackmon and Michael Jordan! This just in.....the surprise release of a Superhero Enterprises footwear line featuring our company's flagship character "Notes". These posh shoes come in two comfortable fashions, suitable for women and kids, both stylish and sophisticated. A pair for Christmas is sure to delight the special hero on your list. Visit the Superhero Enterprises store:





February 06, 2008



Superhero Enterprises has joined forces with Zazzle to form its first licensing deal for the cause! As you know Superhero's are for the baby's, and now they're for the grown man too!!!! Through this exclusive deal you can now cooooordinate with the Superhero camp by creating your very own custom "Studio Superhero" uniform.....the official "Notes" T-shirt.

Visit the shop at:





December 17, 2007

The Generation of a Superhero


The people have spoken….and the decision has been made! The world needs its next generation of Superhero. In the enigmatic underground world of Hip-Hop there has emerged; a socially responsible figure that symbolizes what it means, to "Do The Right Thing!!!". The writer's at the head quarters of Superhero Enterprises have already started the first drafts for the compelling back story for this character known as "Notes". As we make our way through the development stage(s) for this extraordinary project it is understood that this is more than just about business. It is now a social movement!!!


Recently we've received a couple of email questions about the business:


1. What is this all about (Superhero Enterprises)?


Superhero Enterprises is a merchandising/publishing company. Originally, the business started out as a logo designed for the unique recognition of our music production business. Soon, the emblematic brand featured on the website, quickly gained popularity as a stand alone image....we ran with the idea and came up with the concept of an emphatic hip hop superhero, that journey's throughout the harsh and unforgiving streets of Los Angeles; facing the everyday struggles, frustrations, and socially economic hardships of "the hood". Magnetized with virtue he sets out on a noble mission to impact the community in a way that is culturally significant and in the interest of the public.


Gradually the firm has evolved into an enterprise organized for commercial purposes with a mission for "socially responsible".


2. What is Superhero Enterprises currently working on? Where can we expect to see the Superhero Camp next?


Right now we are in the processes of laying the foundation for our e-business. The website is under construction, and all the structural elements that will provide for the production of goods and services are being put into effect . For now, keep your eyes peeled, we're popping up all over the place…..skate parks, basketball courts, trade shows, beaches, malls, swap meets, high schools, colleges, etc. Where can you expect to see us? Just about anywhere…..make sure to visit the site often for an updated schedule of events!


The Head Hero

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